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If you’ve ever wondered exactly how to unpack the last book of the bible, then you will really enjoy the next 8 weeks!
The Book of Revelation is not without it’s controversy or confusion. Christians have had varied approaches on how to interpret it, and sometimes have divided over these differences.

It is not our desire to further the divisions; while we will be approaching the book from a certain perspective, the main focus will be themes that all readers of the apocalypse will agree on; the Presence of Jesus with his people, the Proclamation of his goodness which naturally ensues, the Persecution that inevitably comes, the desperate and heartfelt Petitions which come from His saints when we are suffering, the Punishment which God inflicts upon the world (which believers also must endure) in hopes of bringing repentance, the Parousia or coming of Christ in bringing victory to his people who have been enduring, and finally the Peace which we experience after those victories.

Our thesis is that this seven-fold cycle repeats, as Jesus said like birth pangs leading up to the blessed moment of delivery (Matthew 24), and that we go through these cycles as we progress in the faith. Ultimately we’re not just engaging in battles for ourselves, but we are the initiators and light-bearers to bring freedom to the world around us.

My co-teacher is Matthew Springer, and we will represent the four major interpretations of Revelation, as well as discuss large picture approaches such as Symbol versus Code. Our hope is that you leave this class with an understanding of the text and a general feel for how Christians have approached it through the ages.

You can take this class for credit, meaning we will give a pass/fail grade if you complete the work, and provide a certificate of completion. As a student you can expect around a 5 hour per week commitment, which involves reading several chapters of Revelation each week and using colored pencils to highlight the 7 themes; assigned chapters from our companion book More Than Conquerers by William Hendriksen, and a final project which you will present to your fellow students on an evening after the class is completed. Students pay $20 for the Curriculum and the companion book, and you should plan on donating $5 weekly for the meal.

You can also audit the class, meaning you are simply attending lectures/discussion/prayer and participating in that way, and also helping with the cost of the weekly dinners.

Thanks for joining!

Alex Ackermann / Matthew Springer
Pastor Smart Dude / Utility Infielder

This is a continuation of our Wednesday night discipleship groups. Starting at 6:00 pm, we will begin with worship, followed by a fantastic meal prepared by Chef Dietrich. We will finish at 8:00 pm. There is no childcare offered.

A donation of $5.00 is suggested to help cover the cost of dinner. Dietary preferences are accommodated.